Mineral Water Factory Set up Idea

Mineral Water Factory Set up Idea

Mineral Water originally meant water from vari­ous natural springs which are thought to be having medicinal and curative value. These spring waters, although contain dissolved chemicals of medicinal properties, also contain harmful micro-organisms. Besides this the underground and surface water is also not potable due to hardness as well as due to presence of toxic substances and Bacteria. This re­quires suitable treatment and purification to make it safe and potable drinking water with long shelf life. The water is packed in suitable food grade packing generally in PVC or PET Bottles of differ­ent capacities.

Water in its pure from is oxide of hydrogen or hydride of Oxygen. It is transparent and colourless liquid with a melting point of 0°C and a boiling point of 100°C. Its refractive index is 1.00 and specific gravity 1.0. Pure water is tasteless, however the pres­ence of minerals and dissolved salts and gases im­part taste in the water. Depending upon the quality of Raw water, suitable treatment is given to the water to make it as per the standards and packed in food grade plastic Bottles with label Indicating de­tails of composition, date of bottling, expiry date, quantity etc.


The Consumption of Bottled Mineral water is linked mainly with tourism industry as the concept has virtually been imported from the western life­style. The necessity of safe and hygienic drinking water laid to an increase of it demand in star Hotels, get togethers, conferences and Banquets. The de­mand for mineral water by the year 2000 is expected to be about 1200 Lakh Bottles per annum. Parle groups Bisleri and Bailey has about 70% of share of the total market and the balance is shared among other brands.
Suggested Capacity
The minimum economic capacity for the manu­facture of Mineral-water is 15000 Bottles per day or 45 Lakh Bottles per year.

Land & Building
The unit requires about 1000 sq. mtrs of land with covered area of 500 sq.mtrs.

The unit will require a total connected load of 60 KVA and a maximum demand of 50 KVA. Water requirement is about 11 5000 KL per annum.

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