Sand Filter

Sand Filter

With intention the best quality of Mineral Water, Filtration with pressure filters featuring various filtration mediums is applied in a wide range of applications during the processes of drinking water treatment, chemical disinfection and during the pH and EC regulation.
Filtration taking place through the filtration bed of pressure filters [known as fine filtration] removes especially turbidity, colloid substances, undesirable colour or odour, microbiological contamination, ammonia ions, iron, manganese from water and it reduces water acidity as well...
For the purpose of a proper removal of these substances from water and to obtain the requested quality of output water it is necessary to propose a suitable filtration process. The actual filtration through pressure filters is complemented with aeration, clarification, coagulation, static mixers, disinfection... The kind of the filtration medium used is very important as well.

  • Upper Service Hole
  • Filter Inlet
  • Anthracite Layer
  • Fine Sand Layer
  • Coarse Sand Layer
  • Filter Outlet
  • Gravel Support Layer
  • Filter Element
  • Side Service Hole


With intention the best quality of Mineral Water, Activated Carbon Filter are designed and manufactured with dual filtering media like sand and activated carbon. These filters can be used as initial unit for industrial water treatment. It is also used as pretreatment and tertiary treatment of waste water. These filters comprises of a steel pressure vessels of FRP Vessels containing activated carbon granules as filter media. Activated carbon is porous carbon material. Due to its highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area , activated carbon has very strong adsorption capacity. It removes bad odour of water. It is used as a catalyst or catalyst carrier, to find wide applications in industrial production, agriculture environmental protection
These filters are fitted with no of valves for inlet, outlet, drain and backwash with suitable piping size to meet the specification of customer and capacity designed by customer. It is used in sugar industries, Distilleries, Food Industries, Water Boards etc.

sand and carbon filter

Dual Media Filters : We offer a wide range of dual media filters which includes Pressure Sand Filters and Activated Carbon Filters. All of our filters are used to remove humidity of the turbidity and organics, dechlorination, etc. These filters can be provided in definite configurations, as per the client's specifications.

sand and carbon

Side Streams Filters : Backed by a team of R&D experts, we provide side streams filters in customized options, as per the specific needs of our clients. These filters are used to remove impurities and receive appreciation for its high efficiency, better and stable performance and durability.