Water ATM

Water ATM

A Water ATM is an automated water vending machine that dispenses pure drinking water. It can be installed in urban and rural localities which do not have access to clean and pure drinking water.

How it works?

All water-ATMs are connected to the main server via cloud computing. A decentralized water plant is set up as the main plant that purifies the water through reverse osmosis and a tanker filled with pure water is installed on the top of each ATM. People draw water from these ATMs using smart cards. These smart cards can be recharged at the main treatment plant. Whenever the level of water in any of the tanker reduces a message is sent to the main server automatically and these tanks are again refilled.

Unicare Technology is one of the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Water ATM  in India, we offer a range of Water ATM’s which are also known as Water Vending Machine such as Smart Card Water Vending Machine, Mineral Water Vending Machine, Drinking Water Vending Machine and Coin Operated Water Vending Machine, Our focus is to provide tailor made machines which fits your needs! We offer highly reliable range of Water Vending Machine by using finest material along with the modernized tools and machinery at affordable rates and customization facility

Our machines are highly demanded because of following benefits.

  • Advance water purification systems with pre-filtration +Ro +UV systems gives the water quality accordingly to national standard.
  • 24-Hour uninterrupted RO+UV sterilization guaranteed cold pure water.
  • Cabinet model design for safe and healthy, durable and easy installation.
  • Cold water dispensing on card/coin with very low cost.
  • The water vending will display an alert if the tank level is now and if the voltage is low.
  • With no balance can be recharge through a password on the water vending itself.
  • Last 50 recharged transactions can be viewed.
  • Rate in paise per Liter can be programmed through password.
  • Battery operated dispending system.
  • Introducing smart card & coin system for billing accuracy.
  • SMS alert for Recharge & Dispensing of water.
  • Accountability for daily business operation.
  • Remote monitoring System.
  • Permits new 1/2/5/10 rupee coin.
  • WATER SOURCE: Bore Well, Tap Water, Open Well Water